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Custom Painting Commissions

Hey y'all, Gabe here: I absolutely love bringing my patron's visions to life! Here are some ideas of custom painting projects I particularly enjoy:

- Scenes of togetherness, often including food, drink, and other ephemera left in the wave of groups of people loitering together. I especially love rendering memories for a client; Do you have a particularly precious memory of being with your family? I would love to paint the bag of chips your siblings would vie for and the familiar pie your mom made. Maybe you love gathering around board games with friends and hot cocoa? I wants to immortalize your memories with loved ones in the lush sentimentality of paint.

- Whimsical or imaginative portraits that are a collaborative imagining between the artist and subject(s). Portraits that evoke the person rendered both in body and spirit are so much fun to work on. I love elaborating my painting skills by extending into the visual language of the subject to articulate their inner world.

- Snacks, food, meals, things to eat! You might've noticed I *love* painting food, so many juicy textures, shapes, flavors to render! If you want to immortalize a meal, a fruit, or a magnificent slice of cake, I am your guy. :)


* Prices listed are for an original, custom oil or acrylic painting. Work is presented to patron with appropriate hardware for hanging.

** Prices are approximate and subject to change based on subject matter and level of detail required.

***Minimum for a painting project is 200 - paintings are one-of-a-kind and precious! They require many hours of labor and attention to complete. I believe nothing can replace the human hands and spirit that are imbibed in painted images. 

       size              price ($)

5 x 5"          230

8 x 10"        345

9 x 12"         430

11 x 14"        550

12 x 16"       625

16 x 20"      730

18 x 24"      885



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